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How does it work?


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As long as you've provided accurate details, in most cases the offer you accept is the price we pay.


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At HelloCars, the price we offer is the price we pay! If our final offer is less than the offer you've accepted and the car matches the details you provided, we will give you a $50 Woolworths Gift Card as a gesture of goodwill, even if we don't buy the car!

HelloCars will carry out a quick inspection at pickup to make sure the condition of the car matches what you've told us.

How much can I sell my car for with HelloCars?

HelloCars is the new way to sell your car fast and get the best price for the least fuss. Get an instant online quote to sell your car with HelloCars and book a free inspection anywhere in Sydney. The results of the free inspection will determine the price HelloCars can pay to buy your car. The final offer is based not only on the condition of the vehicle, but also other factors like current market. HelloCars are completely obligation-free and the offer to sell your car is valid for 7 days so you can see how you go in the private market before choosing to sell your car with us.

Good General Condition

We can offer you more for your car, if it's free from scratches, scrapes and dents.

Recent Service History

If your car doesn't need to be serviced, that will improve your offer.

Strong Market Demand

Our pricing analysts can see exactly the sort of demand there is for your vehicle.

Long Registration

More the registration remaining on your vehicle, better the offer.

Good Tyres

If you have recently replaced your tyres, that will contribute toward your final offer.

Low Mileage

Cars up to 130,000km or average mileage for its age.

Late Models

We will typically buy cars up to 10 years old.

Service History

All cars must have a complete logbook service history.

What cars will HelloCars buy?

Late Models

We will typically buy cars up to 10 years old.

Light Commercial

We will gladly buy utes and vans.

Service History

All cars must have good logbook service history.

No Big Bingles

No major accident history or unrepaired damage.

Low Mileage

Cars up to 130,000km or average mileage for its age.

Clean Title

Never been written-off or stolen.

What cars won't HelloCars buy?

Earlier Models

We don't usually consider vehicles older than 10 years.

No Service History

Missing or poor service history.

High Mileage

Cars over 130,000km unless appropriate for its age.

Mechanical Issues

Warning lights or mechanical gremlins.

Major Accidents

Unrepaired or poorly repaired major damage due to accidents.

Stolen or Write-Off

Vehicles that have been written-off or stolen.

Helpful guides for selling a used car

Here are some helpful guides to selling a used car and how to properly value a used car.

How Much Can A Dealer Pay For My Car?

If you want the best price for your car, then selling your car at a dealership is rarely the best choice. Most car dealers don't have the technology available to accurately price a car, so the price you get is well below what your car may actually be worth.

Get an online quote to sell your car in less than 60 seconds and instantly book a free HelloCars inspection. We even guarantee to pay you at least $1,000 more than a dealer would for your car. Once we have the results of your free vehicle inspection, HelloCars will be able to present you with an obligation-free offer to buy your car. We'll even come to you to pick-up, handle all the paperwork and get you paid fast on the same business day.

Why Does HelloCars Pay So Much More?

As Australia's first online only car dealer, HelloCars doesn't have the expensive overheads like a flashy showroom or pushy sales staff and that means more money in your pocket when you sell your car.

HelloCars also takes a data-driven approach to calculating an offer for your car, so we can afford to pay you the absolute best price for your car. We achieve this by conducting a free 230-point inspection of the vehicle to determine the condition, then our pricing analysts perform a market analysis to determine the current market value and demand. HelloCars is a refreshing change for the used car industry which is why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews for our service!